Boston Explorers combines the best of summer camp—creative, spontaneous play and hands-on activities—with the sights and sounds of the city.

Campers are on the move, visiting historic sites, natural spaces, buildings and waterways. We emphasize the natural process of play and creativity, drawing on a kid’s sense of wonder to discover their neighborhoods in new and different ways. A skilled staff leads the way, but kids take command of the expeditions with their enthusiasm and imagination.

Boston Explorers is not like school where you just prepare for tests–it’s about four things:  we make things with our hands, we explore Boston, we have fun, and we are kind to everyone. Boston Explorers is an amazing place for kids.Brandon, Camper
I want Boston Explorers to last all year.Mable, Camper
My son loved Boston Explorers! He has never been to summer camp and said the counselors and kids were kind and helpful. He did things he never did before: explore all over Boston, row boats in the harbor, and build things out of wood.Syler, Parent
You get to see all around Boston and visit new places and it’s just fun and they don’t give you homework.
Arvin, Camper
I’d like to say THANK YOU!! It’s a big decision to leave your child in the care of others. See you next summer at Boston Explorers.
Maria, Parent

Join Us This Summer

SESSION 1: July 13 – 24  |  SESSION 2: July 27 – August 7  |  SESSION 3: August 10 – 21

We accept applications for one session per child. Campers must be between seven and 14 years old.