Welcome to Boston Explorers!

We’re pleased you’re considering our camp as your child’s summer destination.

Our program is filled with hands-on activities, exercise—rowing on the harbor, walking everywhere—and exploring city neighborhoods. Our aim is to provide children with a fun camp experience in a secure environment that balances freedom with safety. Campers make decisions and choose activities, but they are guided and mentored by skilled and highly trained counselors. Our goal is to inspire kids.

Ultimately, it’s an adventure they will never forget.

Alphonse Litz, Director

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals for campers at Boston Explorers?

What makes Boston Explorers different from other summer programs?

What is a typical day like?

Who are the adults that work with my child/ren?

How do children get to Boston Explorers?

What are children required to bring to camp?

What are the provisions for safety?

What if my child gets hurt or feels sick?

forparentsSummer 2016 Camp Dates

Session 1: July 11 – 22
Session 2: July 25 – August 5
Session 3: August 8 – 19

My daughter said it was the most unique experience she ever had. Every day was different and she did things she normally wouldn’t do and got to interact with a lot of different kids—safe and freeing and helping kids build independence.Donna, Parent
My son loved Boston Explorers! He has never been to summer camp and said the counselors and kids were kind and helpful. He did things he never did before–explore all over Boston, row boats in the harbor and build things out of wood.Syler, Parent
At Boston Explorers, they are teaching children how to be in the world. My 11 year-old son had an awesome time at Boston Explorers. He loved exploring the various resources our great city has to offer. He made solid connections with counselors and is looking forward to returning again next summer.Amina, Parent
I’d like to say THANK YOU!! It’s a big decision to leave your child in the care of others. See you next summer at Boston Explorers.Maria, Parent
My son came home exhausted and couldn’t wait to go again the next day. He loved it all—making ice cream, rowing on the harbor, doing carpentry—exploring the city.Paulette, Parent
This program is so different than most other camps. It makes me want to be a kid again. Can I be a Boston Explorer?Chris, Parent
I believe Boston Explorers is different because they are able to make choices constructively. At Boston Explorers kids are able to just be who they are and play without the pressure of fitting in.Shameka, Parent
The program is exciting, and exactly what kids need during the summer—a chance to explore their city, other cultures, learn new experiences and bond with new friends.Ruth, Parent