Have you ever wanted to be an adventurer and explore really cool places in the city?

Would you like to go to the tops of tall buildings, row boats in the Boston Harbor, explore secret spaces, learn about Boston’s amazing history, build things with your hands and have the freedom to roam around? Would you like lots of time for free play and to decide the activities you like to do?

Then Boston Explorers just might be the camp for you.

Boston Explorers is a unique summer camp where kids work with their hands at woodworking, photography, art and more. We also go on exciting explorations in the city, like to the Boston Harbor Islands and other cool places. And our campers say we have the best food for lunch and snack!


What We’ll Do & Where We’ll Go

  • Adventure and fun on the Boston Harbor Islands
  • Get time for free play, games and activities (that kids choose, not adults)
  • Take the commuter rail to Manchester by the Sea and enjoy a day of fun in the sun at Singing beach
  • Go on cool adventures and explore Boston (tops of buildings, secret spaces, and nature in the city)
  • Explore some of Boston’s amazing historic neighborhoods
  • Swim and do water activities around the city
  • Eat really good food that we make ourselves
  • Go on urban scavenger hunts
  • Use hammers, saws and wood burning tools to build projects
  • Work on special projects involving photography, art and iPads
  • Row in boats on the Boston Harbor or on the Charles River
  • Explorers (ages 13-15) will have an opportunity for an overnight camping trip on Boston Harbor Islands

Check out some of the places we’ll visit:

Everything Boston Explorers do is accessible on foot or by train (the T).

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be?

Where is the camp? How do I get there?
What do I need to bring?
How much does it cost?
Who works there?
Where do campers come from?

Boston Explorers is not like school where you just prepare for tests–it’s about four things: we make things with our hands, we explore Boston, we have fun, and we are kind to everyone. Boston Explorers is an amazing place for kids.Brandon, camper
Boston Explorers is way different from other camps because they don’t do boring things repeatedly. We do something different every day.Christian, camper
At Boston Explorers I learned that I could make friends easily.Tarin, camper
You create better bonds with different types of kids.Ashad, Camper
My favorite time was when we explored Boston on bicycles.Alaine, Camper
The counselors take time to get to know every kid and they always make time for you.Laneah, Camper
At Boston Explorers, everybody is really kind, it’s easy to make friends and the counselors are really cool. I’m going to miss [everyone]!Jae-Mario, camper
I want Boston Explorers to last all year.Mable, Camper
One of the best things about Boston Explorers is that we can be ourselves.Miles, Camper
I won’t ever forget the jokes!Isabella, Camper
I loved the Public Garden because it was peaceful and Spectacle Island because it was relaxing. At Boston Explorers everyone is welcoming, cheerful and friendly.Zaira, Camper
You get to see all around Boston and visit new places and it’s just fun and they don’t give you homework.Arvin, Camper
[I liked] the boat rides—with the wind on our faces and blowing our hair.Patrick, Camper